Isometric ordered screens that show parts of the prototype called "Legevo".


A concept how to make preparation for annual "learning reflection talks" for kids in primary school easier.
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The dark themed Schneider Electric Line Management System on different devices. Highlighted are especially the data visualizations.

Line Management

Spotting potential for improvement at first glance in highly complex processes.
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Macbook on green background with opened browser window. In the browser a sound visualization is opened. In a modal above and the evaluated result calculated by IBM Watson Visual Recognition is displayed.


A phonetic experiment using IBM Watsons intelligent image recognition tool.
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iPad sized screen showing parts of the light grey and blue colored application prototype for Deep Brain Stimulation Programming.

Deep Brain Stimulation – UI

Supporting a friend's project about improving UX of programming DBS implants.
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Opened AINS medical journal showing a scientific article. On the right page are seven minimalistic Illustrations of blood transfusion patients under different conditions.
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Illustrations for AINS Medical Journal