Line Management System

With HMI Project for Schneider Electric
Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Design

Quickly identify bottlenecks.


A system which supports line managers to keep the overview and quickly be able to point out potential for error reduction and optimization in the production process.

Logo of red Dot awars, iF award and UX Design Award.
Different devices on dark background showing all different parts of the dark themed application. Mainly different data visualizations are displayed.

Complex processes, plant structure and bulk data.


For line managers it is challenging and time consuming to keep the overview in highly automated and complex production processes with various steps and speeds.

Very wide production hall full of highly complex machines.
Highly complex and automated production plant

Intuitive deep-diving to spot problems at its source.

Solution finding

Wireframes brought the team closer to the decision to work with three dimensional layers. They make it easy to deep dive from a top-level "plant" view to the most detailed "machine" view.

Close-up of different application layers.
Three dimensional layers to visualize different distances of viewing data.

Focus on great and easy interpretable data visualization.

Visual exploration

As Schneider Electric asked explicitly for a solution that appears very futuristic and clearly points out interesting data the team decided to work with reduced colors and popping highlights.

Numerous optimized easy to read infographics make a huge amount of data easily interpretable.

Design system elements arranged next to each other.
Easy to use interaction components and popping colors for important data
Selection of data visualizations.
A selection out of many optimized data visualizations.
Responsve UI Design displayed on smartphone, large Desktop and tablet.
Every part of the application is designed to behave perfectly responsive on different device sizes.
Close-up of data visualization.

Reduce information in the right spots when it comes to responsive design.

Learnings & Outlook

1. Following design system rules

2. Think outside the box when it comes to data visualization and infographics

3. Review & synchronize regularly with your team mates to keep the design language

4. Finding out what is the core message of an infographic so even in a reduced way it's communicating what it needs to communicate.

Thank you for watching.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to HMI Project for letting me use this project in my portfolio. I had a wonderful time and learned so much when I was part of the team as a working student! Thanks for for always supporting me. 💙 (All images used are the property of HMI Project. Use in this case was expressly permitted.)

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